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Hi, I'm Kurt!

I'm a Full-Stack Developer based in West Palm Beach, FL. Working towards creating software that makes life easier and more meaningful.


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Hi, my name is Kurt and I am a highly ambitious, self-motivated, and driven full-stack web developer based in West Palm Beach, FL.

I have an exceptional ability to learn and collaborate in rapid changing environments and compositions. I have successfully completed bootcamp structured courses, become proficient in HTML , Javascript, CSS, Node.js, React.js, Three.js and much more. I am eager to obtain a software engineering position, tackle web development/design challenges, and achieve lasting impacts on user experience.

I believe that you should never stop growing and that's what I strive to do, I have a passion for technology and a desire to always push the limits of what is possible. I am excited to see where my career takes me and am always open to new opportunities. 🙂

My Skills







Tailwind CSS




Redux Toolkit

Course Experience

  1. javascript master logo

    React/React Native Development Course Latest

    JavaScript Mastery

    Developed and maintained web applications using React.js and other related technologies. Collaborated with cross-functional teams including designers, product managers, and other developers to create high-quality products. Implemented responsive design and ensuring cross-browser compatibility. Participated in code reviews and provided constructive feedback to other developers.

  2. london app brewery logo

    MERN Stack Bootcamp

    London App Brewery

    Completed a 12 - week intensive web development boot camp, specializing in MERN stack development Demonstrated an exceptional grasp of the fundamentals of web development and the MERN stack Developed a comprehensive understanding of web application architecture and design Excelled in the use of modern web development tools and technologies, including MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js Acquired advanced skills in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React.js, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, and Git Collaborated effectively with a team of developers to deliver complex and innovative web applications Received a completion certificate and recognition for outstanding performance in the boot camp

  3. Florida Atlantic University logo

    QuickStart Full Stack Web Dev Bootcamp

    Florida Atlantic Univeristy

    26 week program that started with basic concepts & concluded with the skills to execute real- life web development projects. Blended theory to build a solid foundation coupled with projects that allowed me to apply theory to practical industry scenarios. Learned both front - end and back - end programming languages like JavaScript, HTML5, React, MySQL and more.


Chat-GPT Landing Page

A landing page design idea for the popular Chat-GPT AI.

Three.js Portfolio Site

A web developer portfolio site design idea utilizing Three.js and framer motion animations.

Growth Finance Dashboard

A MERN Finance Dashboard App that has Machine Learning Predictions. The frontend consist of Vite for the starter application, Redux Toolkit for state management, Material UI for component library, and Recharts for Charts. For the backend Node Js as the runtime, Express Js as the backend framework, and MongoDB for the database.

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